Mark Sellers | Founder

Nation of Souls is all about finding the perfect balance of form and function to bring you stylish, comfortable and affordable watches. Every one of our timepieces has quality and design at its heart, and is packed with premium features, that will make you want to wear it every day.

As watch wearers ourselves we know how difficult it can be to find the right one, so our aim is to create products that go way beyond mere branding, or being just another timepiece. We create watches that will be your go to favourite for any occasion - dressing up or down.

When we started creating our Nation of Souls watches back in 2016, we studied what other watchmakers were doing. We loved some of what they did, and strongly disliked other things. Some watches were beautiful, but that beauty was superficial. Inexpensive but lacked premium quality. Impressive rhetoric but clearly just words when you handled the products.

Which is why we make watches that give you the quality you would expect from a large expensive brand, but at a sensible price point.

Our watches go direct from us to you. There are no middlemen to mark the price up, so you can have a high quality watch at a very sensible price.

Our watches aren’t just fashion pieces. The premium features, perfect fit on your wrist, and understated stylish designs will get you noticed every time it’s on your wrist.

Ours is not a story of a sudden movement, of a wind of change. Our first designs took almost 2 years to go from conception to the first prototypes. We recognise that stylish and timeless designs, coupled with high quality materials and craftsmanship, are key to producing first class watches, and we would never want anything less than this for our customers.